We are open for grooming though under strict covid-19 safety guidelines. To ensure the safety of our groomers and customers all grooms will be handled through the back store entrance located off Logan St. When you arrive you can knock on the front door, or open it and let us know you are here and we’ll let the groomers know to expect you around back. From there they will take the dog in to the grooming area using protective gear, remove and bag your dogs collar and leash. The groomer will talk to you through the window from a safe distance.  A good majority of the dogs we’ll see will be matted or require a considerable amount of work.  At this time we wont be offering dematting services and matted dogs will be shaved down.

We appreciate your patience and we look forward to seeing you and your pup again soon.


Pamper your pup at Riverdale & Leslievile’s newest dog grooming spa. We offer everything from a quick wash and dry to the full spa experience that includes a wash, blow out, ear cleaning, nail clipping, confidence boosting compliments and an expert cut and style.

With state-of-the-art grooming equipment and premium Black Sheep Organics products, we provide exceptional care to your dog in a safe and friendly environment. Grooming costs vary depending on the size and needs of your dog. Call or text 416.519.2929 to book today. We do not book grooms over email.


FULL GROOM $55-$160*

  • Bath, Blow-Dry, De-Shed, Cut and Style (Sanitary Trim, Paw Pad Tidy), Nail Trim, Ear Cleaning


BATH & TIDY $45 – $115* 

  • Bath, Blow-Dry, Brush-Out, Quick Brush, Nail Trim, Ear Cleaning. Perfect for shorter hair dogs.


A La Carte A La Carte Quick Tidy
Nail Clipping                   $15 Anal Glands                    $25 Face Tidy                         $25
Nail Filing                        $20 Teeth Brushing              $15 Paw Tidy                          $25
Nail & Filing                    $25 De-Matting                   *$60 Rear End                         $25
Ear Cleaning                   $10 Face & Paw                     $35
Undercoat Removal   *$30

Rear & Face / Rear & Paw         $35

*per 30 min/de-matting on a by case basis
*All prices are estimates. Prices are confirmed by groomer upon inspection of your dog’s coat condition, size of dog and any additional services that are required. Pricing is based on breed, weight and condition of coat. Additional fees may be applied on top of regular costs, for matting and/or aggressive/extreme behaviour.

  • We currently offer grooming Monday, Tuesday, Thursday – Sunday.

We require a minimum of 24 hours notice for grooming appointment cancelations. For appointments cancelled less than 24 hours and for no shows, there is a charge of 50% of the grooming cost applied to the next grooming appointment.

CALL 416.519.2929 TO BOOK